How do you play this game?

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hitomi showing off one of the possible uniforms for the bakery~

omfgggggg byeeeeeee.. lookit all the regret in her face tho.. she reliving all the ghosts of granger’s past. bye.

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Anonymous said: I just saw a Mr. Clean commercial and he weirdly kind of reminded me of Cas


Anonymous said: I was reading through untitled and .... “Aww Navy when are you going to find someone? Like don’t you get tired of waking up to a different face every morning?”“Me? The day I sign up to one of those bachelorette challenge shits.”“Omg never.”“Yep.” LMAO that forshadowing omg.

lol I didn’t think anyone noticed.

Tbh imma be in game all day.. idc about having a social life right now.. I have cute ideas and they need to be curated.

Like I will literally ignore all phone calls and forget to eat.

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unedited pics of my game because I don’t have photoshop installed yet.

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plumbponette replied to your post: anonymous said:yo, what’s up with…

Yes and gigantic schlongs lol

thenoisyneutron replied to your post: anonymous said:yo, what’s up with…

dont forget the ginormous PENISESSSS. :3

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woohoo-juice-simoleons said: You have such developed characters, and I think that's why people appreciate you and your story so much. It really is a work of art. I'm not much of a reader but I am always up to par with your story updates.



i don’t even do anythingggggg.. like why ppl even look at my pics thooo.. all my sims yaoi hands.. byeeeeee.

ilyyyyyyy ;————————;

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Anonymous said: yo, what's up with the tiny heads and yaoi shoulders??


simnixie replied to your post: simnixie replied to your photo:The Str…

Damn, that sucks. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to reinstall everything. Of course you’d have to do everything over as soon as granger gets a house ….it’s probably a sign. XD

omggg i knowww.. lol it’s fate

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simnixie replied to your photo:The Stress.
uh ohhh, did you have to like redo your windows partition?

I didddd but I’m safely on my windows side now.. but i have to reinstall all my games -_-

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The Stress.

The Stress.


Anonymous said: Hey I was wondering where you found Granger's house?



Hehe I managed to get a few more hours. It’s still not done yet, the kitchen needs clutter and I need more pipes (I don’t have the entire set apparently…). Bits and pieces but I kind of have an idea of who is going to live here.

omg you’re becoming like one of my fav blogs tbh. everything you post is perfect. i can’t.


cupcake shop w.i.p…finally (+plus toby hanging out there)

omfggggg yassssss finallyyyyyyyyy ;———————-;

but also how does decorate tho cause this looks soo fkn good. legit best bakery I’ve ever seen in this game and it’s not even done.

aka bye I need this eventually so Zero can study there and cry into his zucchini bread.

#omggg seriously tho it looks so good ;-;  #how does decoyyyyyy  

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