How do you play this game?

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The moment when you realize your life is changing..


It’s going to come to a point where I completely redo Wes’ face from scratch and not be sorry.

But today is not that day..

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Granger got something else coming ;3

lol Granger knows his life.. he knows why he came back ;-;

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Anonymous said: Omgosh like seriously tho, can Zander and Dupree have another kid, cos their genes are just to die for. Like look at Nix tho *__*

;—————; Dupree hates kids.. she’s like nope, done. The only way they’d have more is if she was convinced the child would become stronger than Fenix and she knows that’s most likely not possible.

Fenix is her favorite bby anyway.. she’s done.

She’ll deal with grandbaby things tho ;-;

Anonymous said: Oakley and Granger are my loves !

omg it’s weird seeing their names in the same sentence.. thank you ;-;


omfgggg ;———-; ilyyyyyy

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Happy because I tweaked the bby and got her to resemble Zhenya Katava (her first ever face claim) yet managed to still have her look like archive Fenix.. yey.

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Anonymous said: What happen to your video tutorial ?


simnixie replied to your post: Jade is just a girl who hangs out at …

;____; feelings for ZeZe, crushes on Wes, I’m so here for this!!

plumb-barb replied to your post: Jade is just a girl who hangs out at …

omfggg her and wes tho O___________O hello new ship i didnt even know i always wanted

;—————-; I feel like she shows up at Wes’ shop and just is like.. hay *_* .. and then he’s like.. wut >~<

lol he doesn’t know and she’s not gonna say anything because she’s into her feels.. bye.

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omggg she’s her spirit animal ;——-;

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I like how super edgy she turned out to be. I kinda wasn’t expecting that from her.

idk i kinda of always seen that for with her style in general.. throughout all her updates and uni life she’s just progressed into that type of girl i guess. she’s still finding herself and figuring out things that she likes from what she doesn’t and i’m positive she has a tumblr account.

it was inevitable to me that tattoos would be next idk. 

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Jade is just a girl who hangs out at skate parks, takes pride in being suspended for school vandalism and her hero is Tank Girl.

She’s managed to develop feelings for the bestfriend ZeZe and currently has a crush on her tattoo artist but I’d say he’s clueless. Jade also enjoys casual sex things with her pal Ian from time to time but mostly she just break his things with her butter fingers.

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This is specifically for Barb, Shantel, Jasmine, and Aikea wishing them all a Happy Friday..
Granger&#8217;s booty &lt;3

This is specifically for Barb, Shantel, Jasmine, and Aikea wishing them all a Happy Friday..

Granger’s booty <3

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