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“Fenix hurry up! We don’t have all day!” Dupree called out.

“Coming!” She rushed around the corner with a hand full of crystals and gems.

“Is that everything?”

“Yes! See I told you I wasn’t going to overspend!”

“Great, now pay for it so we can leave.”

“Mommy..” She looked up at both parents with puppy eyes.

“What is it?” Dupree not fazed by her tactics cut straight to the point.

“Umm.. I-I was thinking the other day.. that maybe it would be nice if I umm.. got my own apartment?”

Dupree easily became irritated by the suggestion.

“No. You are not of age yet. Do not ask me again.”

“But mom! I’m not a baby anymore, I can take care of myself.”


“Mom pleaseeee, I’m 35 now. Like seriously.. Thirty-five years old living with her parents! That is so embarrassing!”

She looked to her partner who then gave a nod of approval to their daughter.

“Zander, why do you spoil her? She is not ready yet.”

“But I am ready! Pleaseeee, pleaseee pleasee! I wouldn’t have to go very far!”

Dupree felt as though she had already lost the battle. Fenix would just badger her until she gave in from exhaustion.

“I know what this is about.. you aren’t fooling anyone Fenix.”

“I don’t know what you mean mom!” She said blushing.

“…If I even happen to see your school work fall apart by an inch…”

“Oh my god! Fenix jumped up and down excitedly knowing that she had won. “Mommy I promise!”

“We will look at places this weekend. Just get your things so we can go. This place fucking smells!”

She hugged them both, followed by kisses of affection. 

Dupree couldn’t help but to smile at how happy her daughter was.

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