How do you play this game?
brittssims said: Casper, do you plan on proposing in the future? You and Aniyah are so cute!



“Aniyah should be lucky I’m even with her because she’s fucking annoying.”

“I heard that!”

“Everyday it’s either.. I’m hungry, or I’m bored, or I’m cold. Just please shut up man.”

“Hey! Who are you talking to, and why are you being such a hater?!”

“You see I can’t even answer my questions without her bothering me. This is my ask Aniyah, wait until you get your own. Damn can I breathe?”

Hey Britt! To answer this question for him.. He will propose to me soon or I will stop making him all my beautiful toast in the morning ok?

…. I’m hungry, and turn off the fucking AC in here, it’s cold.”

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