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Character Stuff: Navy &Benji

What’s the worst part about your popularity?

  • B: When people walk up to you while your eating, they’ll ask for a picture or something. Like dude? I’m trying to enjoy this garden burger right now so fuck off.
  • N: I had this one kid walk up to me while I was taking a piss. He was all like hey man are you Navy Scott? I seen you in the McQueen show. Lol.

Navy, what happens after you die? 

  • I don’t know. I read this book once called Damned.. The narrator’s depiction of hell was like dirty fingernail clippings, deserts of dandruff, and rivers of mucus. I don’t know about you but that’s fucking cool. I’d believe in that instantly.

Benji, have you ever made a prank phone call? 

  • I get all the stupid questions I swear.

Who’s more popular with the girls?

  • B: Chuck. Girls think I’m scary. Idgaf.
  • N: Ask that to the two girls I seen crawling out of his bedroom this morning. 

Do you make wishes on shooting stars?

  • B: Shut up.
  • N: Lol.

What was the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

  • N: It’s not a movie but Tales from the Crypt. Holy shit when I was like 7 I couldn’t sleep for like two weeks of it.
  • B: I don’t like clowns. Fuck clowns.

What’s your favorite cartoon?

  • B: Ren &Stimpy. Powdered toast man was the shit.
  • N: I never watched cartoons growing up. I was outside mostly, playing with twigs or rocks.
  • B: Lmao forever alone.
  • N: Lol stfu.

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