How do you play this game?

“Athenaaa.. omg can I just say that I’m so happy we agreed to be roommates. Now I have someone other than Mica to cuddles with.”

“Same, even though it felt like we lived together at your old place too. I never left.”

The two girls settled inside the miniature kitchen and poured themselves single shots of sweet rum. Across from them was Benji preoccupied with his own glass as his phone began to tune, eye’s already forming an upward roll at the sound. 

“Ok seriously.. No. Done.” Fenix shrieked,  grabbing his phone off her marbled counter she pressed the red button to decline.

“Fucking annoying.” He retorted.

“Benny stop. Block her number or just answer it. It’s been ringing since you got here. I mean, what does Yasu even want at this point?”

“My dick.”

“Look I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it and it’s not that great ok. You’re leading her on and now it’s starting to bug me and I don‘t even live with you. Navy how do you even deal?”

“I don’t. You see I‘m over here right?” Navy scrolled past them all to the fridge, pulling out the leftover banana split he’d left from the night before.

“Man fuck her.”

“Yeah well you know what Benny, maybe that’s where you need to quit. Just stop fucking her.”

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